Welcome Note

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

On behalf of SPWLA Committee, i would like to invite you to participate in 1st Annual Symposium SPWLA Conference which will be hosted by SPWLA Indonesia Committee in Bogor, Indonesia. This conference is going to be held on 7th-8th, November 2018 which addresses all participants coming from professional and academician in various technical backgrounds.

In the first year, SPWLA Indonesia Chapter had been regularly active to conduct various technical discussions and workshops covering dozens of technical problems alligning with petrophysical issue. We strongly believe that the collaboration between academician and professional industries will solve the issue which are becoming quite complex through times. In this first occassion, SPWLA Committee brings more concerns to reveal upside potentials and enhance hydrocarbon life expectancy in mature areas which is summed up as Empowering Applied Petrophysical Concept and Technology: Unlocking Hidden Potentials in Mature Fields. Discovering new concepts, ideas, and technology are fully required in answering Indonesia’s current issue in petroleum industries regarding to exploration and production.

The 2018 symposium would be wrapped up into sharing sessions which are going to be presented with numbers of oil and gas players, including of service companies and non service companies. We expect that the invention of new technology will be discovered by presentation of numbers service companies. Furthermore, new insight of concepts and ideas in dealing with current issue will be more delivered by academician, non service companies, and also young students which are compiled into presentation session and sharing knowledege.

We fully hope all elements of participants, stakeholders, speakers, and vistior would play important role for contribution by actively exchanging ideas and inventions to overcome recent petrophysical issues in petroleum industries which are not yet fully tapped. We also expect that the event will bring a line between academican research and industries which are required to be collaborated in dealing with real problem industries.

In short, please take time to review our proposal and don’t hesistate to contact me for further details. Our event updates might be also accessed through our website: www.spwla-indonesia.org.



Chairman of Indonesia SPWLA Tehnical Symposium 2018


The Indonesia chapter of the Society of Petrophysicists and Well Log Analysts (SPWLA – Indonesia Chapter) is excited at this opportunity to host 2nd Asia-Australia Regional Conference to be held in the Bogor City from november, 7th – 8th 2018. The theme of this 2018 conference is “Empowering Applied Petrophysical Concept and Technology: Unlocking Hidden Potentials in Mature Fields” which is strongly related to the national and international current issues in exploration and production activities of petroleum industries. Regarding to the gradually increasing of world oil’s price at the present, this conference is expected to be a precursors of new significant growth by discussing and solving the issues for oil and gas future exploration and development especially in the crucial roles of petrophysics and formation evaluation.

Since the successful of the First SPWLA Asia-Australia Regional Conference 2016 in Bangkok-Thailand, the regional board of directors (BOD) has planned to organize bi-yearly regional conference in the Asia and Australia regions. After the meetings of the local chapter and supported with director of regional chapter, Indonesia chapter has been proudly chosen in hosting the conference again and it will mean a lot to us carrying the brand of the SPWLA and will coincide with our 2nd anniversary as a local chapter, SPWLA Indonesia.

have a committee of dedicated individuals that possess the skills and expertise to make this conference 2018 a success. Our board of directors come not only from professional engineers and scientists, but also academician from universities. These will certainly make a good collaboration in order to develop this organization and for hosting the regional conference in 2018. Our beautiful city of Bogor has a lot to offer. This city is a creative hub where there is always something new to see and do. Hotels, venues, restaurants, and attractions constantly update and improve. As the combination modern and nature city in Indonesia, and its good interconnected transportation services especially from Soekarno-Hatta International Airport and Jakarta. Bogor will be a great and convenient site for performing the SPWLA Asia-Australia regional conference 2018 with the huge participants from professional engineers, scientists, and academician. Moreover, there are around 200 oil and gas companies for both production and exploration activities of conventional and unconventional retaining presence in Indonesia. So it will be great opportunity as well to broaden professional community networking, sharing knowledge and experiences.

We expect supports from all stakeholders (companies, services, and government) for to this event as sponsors, speakers, authors and participants. We also hope that there will be outcome in the form of synergy and collaboration among the stakeholders to support in solving oil and gas issues in the formation evaluation field to support development and growth of Indonesia.

Best regards,


President of SPWLA Indonesia Chapter



The Indonesia SPWLA Technical Symposium 2018 is the second Asia-Australia Regional hosted by SPWLA Indonesia Chapter themed as “Empowering Applied Petrophysical Concept and Technology: Unlocking Hidden Potentials in Mature Fields” This theme alligns with recent issue to discover new upside potentials and prolong mature field life expectancy. The participants come from various backgrounds, including of professional engineers, scientists, academician within more than 200 oil and gas existing company in Indonesia. The good collaboration between each party is expected enable to broaden professional community networking, sharing knowledges and experiences.

The conference is going to be held on November, 7th-8th 2018 in our beautiful city of Bogor surrounded with numbers of hotels, venues, restaurants, and attractions. The most important is its near distance with interconnected transportations services, such as: Soekarno Hatta International Airport and train station within no more than 2 km in distance. pre- technical symposium events had been started since January 2018 with numbers of technical sharing session and workshop events. The events are addressed to professional engineers and academician covering from basic topic to advanced regarding to introducing methods which are able being applied for finding upside potentials in deeper target and the best solution for recovery methods in extending productive fields. In addition, other following pre-technical events are conducted to introduce the basic to advanced of petrophysical knowledge and apply those to number of recent case studies. These events are mainly addressed to undergraduate students in petrophysical competition and advanced technical core visit for professional engineers.

In the main event, we invite number of papers and posters strongly related to Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) and uncoventional upside potential to be presented in front of our colleagues coming from technical expert background and decision maker of company which are from local and international. This opportunity may be also advantaged for service company to present its latest techology findings and marketing developments during exhibition and gala luch event. It allows the company to gain the exposure in surrounding of our audiences. There are many ways offered to participate in our event sponsorhip within a lot of benefits as its premier symposium in term of petrophysical societies in Indonesia.

Technical Paper

Main Topic:

1) Formation Evaluation of Conventional Reservoir

2) Formation Evaluation of Unconventional Reservoir

3) Low Resistivity-Low Contrast Reservoir Pay Evaluation

4) Reservoir Characterization Case Studies

5) Geomechanics and Well Bore Stability

6) Oil and Gas Data Science and Analytics

7) New Borehole Logging Technology

8) High Angle/ Horizontal Well Evaluation and Real-Time Decision Making

9) Reservoir & Production Surveillance


As part of second asia-pacific technical symposium, we are honoured to welcome all petrophysical societies to gather and build the social network among professional industry. The partcipants are delighted with semi-outdoor concepts served with variant foods and drinks which are also equipped with beautiful lake views in surrounding of venue. This event is expected as the best moment to engage the connections through semi-formal discussion with multinational professional engineers across countries. The registration of this event is included with our main event technical symposium scheduled on November, 7-8th 2018